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Lifeline Global Manifold – Trouble Free Operation

The LifeLine® Global Manifold is designed in accordance with NFPA, CSA and ISO standards. The improved design, validated through extensive testing, ensures the manifold maintains its reliability while reducing the potential for leaks, avoiding wasteful gas losses. The NEMA 4 enclosure and environmental testing provides the ability for outdoor installations. Our LifeLine® Global Manifolds are designed to be superior performers in any medical gas service.


No N.P.T. connections reduce the potential for leaks, now or in the future. No tape, no goop = better reliability, easier service. Only use the gas you buy.

Adiabatic ignition tested (tested to ISO 10524-2) so there is no risk of oxygen fires which produce toxic by-products.

Forging design provides leak free optimal flow.
(flow tested to ISO 10524-2)

NEMA 4 enclosure and environmental testing allows for installation in outdoor environments – in snow, rain or sun.

Two versions available – Basic electronics or with TotalAlert Embedded (TAe) electronics.

TAe provides remote monitoring at your desktop computer. Looking to manage your labor or track your utilization? TAe tool gives you everything you need to know, accessible at any time.

With TAe electronics, pressure transducers monitor pressure in each bank of cylinders as well as delivery pressure so you know pressure conditions always.

The TAe version allows for e-mail alerts for alarm conditions and warnings when pressure drops below pre-defined settings advising you to replace cylinders before ever reaching alarm conditions.